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Oliver! December 2018

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Summer Party, Hauser and Wirth, Bruton July 2018

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Spirit of Youth, April 2018



Last weekend, the Wincanton Youth Theatre performed their spring show, “A Spirit of Youth”, to two audiences. Over 200 people enjoyed the varied program of song, dance, music and drama, including scenes from Lord of The Flies and Daisy Pulls it Off. There was also some comedy and, this being WYT, some amazing routines from great West End shows, including Matilda, The Lion King and Chicago. Afterwards, the audience chatted with the young cast, and enjoyed tea and cakes. It was a memorable day for all.

“And a Partridge”, Christmas 2017

Wincanton Youth Theatre gave two fabulous performances on Saturday night at King Arthur’s Community School. Audiences were treated to twenty acts. These included songs and musical routines, comedy, serious acting in the form of a scene from Little Women, and a moving drama set in the trenches of the First World War. Also in the line-up was the puppet scene from the Sound of Music, and scenes from the Wizard of Oz.

The group, with members aged 7 to 18, are going from strength to strength. Theatre producer, Andrew Warren, explained that with funding recently provided by Myakka in Wincanton, via the Somerset Community Foundation, the youngsters would have opportunities to be more creative, and to stretch their talent.

Sarah Nias, who directs the drama in the group, and is a qualified London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) tutor, said after the show: “In the New Year, youngsters will be given the opportunity of honing their dramatic skills in workshops before demonstrating those skills at LAMDA exams.”

Kate Kirkpatrick, responsible for the musical theatre in the group, said: “We aim to give youngsters an opportunity to take their singing and dancing further, perhaps even to make the theatre their career.”

Bugsy Malone, September 2017

A wonderful weekend with three performances to over 330 people. Our first ‘proper’ musical show was a tremendous success. Director, Peter Morris, said:

“It’s been an honour and a privilege to direct Bugsy Malone, my first musical, with WYT. The Prohibition-era of the United States, somewhat sanitised with custard pies. Interesting history, but also a huge amount of fun. What’s not to like? Working with such a talented bunch of young people for the last few months has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I had every faith in the cast, crew, musicians and tech to put on a fantastic show. They did just that.”

Musical director, Arturo Serna had this to say:

“From day one, I witnessed how incredibly hard all the youngsters worked throughout the summer. We rehearsed on Sundays for four hours and I never heard a single complaint. They all burst with willingness to give their best. They are extremely lucky to have an inspired team in Peter, Kate and Andrew. Together, they are the heart and brains of the project. Thanks to them, the youngsters that have the opportunity to get involved in the group will get huge enrichment; not only in acting and musical skills, but also in many social and discipline skills for life! Because all the world’s a stage!”

The audience reacted to the great singing and acting by taking to their feet to applaud the cast at the end of the final performance. It was a truly memorable finale, as you can see from the picture.


Peter Morris stands in the centre of his group of players, and the band plays on


It’s a Wonderful Show, December 2016

Christmas came a few days early last Saturday night at the Memorial Hall, Wincanton. The Wincanton Youth Theatre gave two performances of their Christmas show. Audiences couldn’t help but tap their feet and clap their hands as the youngsters, aged 5 to 21, performed songs and dances from popular Christmas Day movies, including The Sound of Music, The Snowman, Oliver, My Fair Lady, Home Alone, and many others.

Maddie Green, director, said: ‘It’s been a pleasure to co-direct the youth group, one that we are very close to and very passionate about. Giving everyone a chance to shine and have fun whether that’s onstage or backstage.’

Chelsie Judd, director, said: ‘It has been an absolute delight working with such a talented group of young people, while also having my first taste of directing. Everyone has worked extremely hard and we are very proud of what we have produced.’

The show was entirely devised, directed, managed and performed by the youth members of the group, and help raise £75 for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. The Youth Theatre’s next project will see Bugsy Malone come to Wincanton in September 2017.


A Spoonful of Sugar, September 2016

What a great success! On Saturday 24th September, the Wincanton Youth Theatre performed their debut show, ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’, to a capacity crowd in the Memorial Hall. There was a standing ovation at the end of the performance, and it was obvious that all had thoroughly enjoyed the evening.


After eighteen wonderful acts, the audience, like the orphan Oliver, demanded more. The cast obliged with a repeat of the opening number, ‘Oom pah pah’ and everyone joined in. It was clear from the look on the faces of the young cast that not only the audience had enjoyed themselves. What a night! In the words of Nancy, ‘That’s how it goes’.

WYT have a number of events planned in the coming months, culminating with a Christmas-themed musical evening. Watch this space for more information.



A Spoonful of Sugar